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Mickey prepares to release what he calls “The Best Rap He’s Ever Written.” A- is a song where Mickey Factz cleverly breaks down the letter A. The physical manifestation of the letter A. The history of it. How its relative to society. The congruent nature in which its directly impact Mickey’s life as well. 


However, this isn’t why this is “The Best Rap He Has Ever Written.” Mickey calls it this because the actual song is a paradox. There is not one single word that contains the letter A. There have been emcee’s and novelty rappers who have written verses and songs without vowels before. However, the added constraint of actual content differentiates and separates Mickey above the rest. To write a song about the letter A without one word containing the letter A is genius within itself. 


As the first single off Mickey Factz’s newest project titled: Warped Collages, the bar is set very high for the 13 year Master of Rap. To accompany this incredible song, Mickey has enlisted african painter, Danyaki to create one of one artistic shirts that are hand painted for your collection. Your name will also be written at the bottom in paint! (If your name contains the letter A in it, it will be removed to uphold the art piece.) Cop your shirt now! Factz season is upon us!





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