Day 28 - Mountain Top Speech

A rose in a flower pot

There were so many quotes at the mountain top

Preached a ton of hope with a lot of a shock 

So many of em broke with no otter box 

April 3rd down in Tennessee 

Memphis sanitation strike, preaching with energy

What made it so palpable he died the next day

But he spoke about it in the speech the best way 

Cause he seen the mountain top 

And looked over it 

Speaking to a crowded flock 

Spiritual focusing 

Visions of a promise land

Hoping they noticed it 

Coulda been a prophet man

Predicted condolences 

All for equal rights of men handling trash 

He had a dream and he knew that his stature would last

For 28 days I had to capture the past 

And end it with a powerful speech that he aint draft 

All labor has dignity 

And for those workers he died preaching it willingly 

Its no mystery the timbre in his voice and delivery

Allowed for him to be the pinnacle of Black History.

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Day 27 - Carter Woodson, Creator of Black History Month

Day 27 - Carter Woodson, Creator of Black History Month.jpg

The receiver of brash talk for decades,

“Why we gotta get the shortest month?”

Is the catchphrase for people's disdain, 

Not knowing if they climbed cypress,

He’ll show you why it was in his membrane.

It's insane, Carter Woodson devoted drive,

Quoted lines on how blacks were being told they weren’t bonafide

To be added to history with other noted guys. 

He mobilized, a week within Fred Douglas birthday

To coincide with what was known inside of his noble pride. 

That Blacks needed their own significant poignant vibe...

February just so happened to be that focused time. 

We complain and say our histories every day!

I agree, even when I see decay on display in petty ways.

Clearly Wayne’s descendent via The Carter III,

Would cosign Carter G, the founder and the father of the 28-day modern glee. 

Who would have possibly advocated for our plea, hourly?

I’d doubt if we’d come together and collectively create a proper piece.

So let's enjoy in honor of Mr. Woodson. RIP.


Day 26 - Black Inventors


Fredrick M Jones made the unit for the AC

And the thermostat control lever, both are great feats

George T Grant made the Golf Tee 

Charles B Brooks had to make a street sweeper for the concrete 

The Ice Cream Scoop was by Alfred L Cralle 

Lewis Latimer made the electric lamp bulb 

Samuel R Scottron made the curtain rod 

Osbourn Dorsey made the door stop and doorknob

Ha… a guy named Dorsey making door stuff

Hand stamp and the fountain pen, Walter Purvis 

Robert Fleming Jr actually made the guitar 

So when you say rock n roll was stolen I believe it all

Clothes wrinkled? Sarah Boone made the ironing board

John Smith created a sprinkler for the lawn

Pencil sharpener by another john last name love 

Lydia Newman decided to invent the hairbrush

Matthew A Cherry Made the Tricycle

Who invented the mop? Thomas Stewarts liable 

The key chain? Fredrick J Loudin made it viable 

John White made a lemon squeezer, that was nice of dude

Hope I inspired you cause its many more 

60 seconds aint enough it was surely plenty more

Happy Black Bistory month

Day 26 - Black Investors.jpg
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Day 25 - Guion Bluford

Day 25 -  Guion Bluford.jpg

Guy Bluford the very first black man into space 

Defying odds saying it can't happen with race

Aerospace engineer with mathematical grace

Let's backtrack while I paint 

A beautiful picture to deliver on how a genius can have an embrace 

By an institution moving with flashbacks full of hate

Air force pilot with mileage, flight commander 

Provided answers to questions with an insightful candor

Then selected by NASA, as a technical master 

Shuttle system reactors turn to missions he factored

Went 4 times, logged 28 days 

He was inducted in the astronaut hall of fame

To him it was all the same, when they called his name

There was a quote formed his in brain he wanted to say

I appreciate the blue world we all on 

In the large universe its a small ball

Fragile and beautiful but home is long gone

When you in a spacecraft and see it from farther off

He set a standard, for black Americans on the planet 

To fly into space and be proud of whats established 

Happy Black History month


Day 24 - Nat Turner

Nat Turner wasn't a token slave 

He incited and then lead a revolted raid 

Read the bible and educated could quote for days 

So enraged 

Homicidal from broken chains 

So engaged

Prophetic and spoke for days 

The Moses of his age, proud relic with golden sage

Unapologetic, exalted and overpraised 

Put out a message, whites would go in an open grave

75 men was in line like rollerblades 

To shoulder pain 

Of white ethics that bolstered pain 

Federal troops man hunted the growing fame

Incredible roots, black justice was mostly gained

Surrendered en route, the mass public hoped to hang

10 days of deliberation the goat was slain 

But the effects of his legacy grown in ways 

Past just killing masters of people with souls ingrained 

John Brown's raid came after on motorways 

Which lead to the civil war, nat turner was dope and brave

He should have a sculpture made for his efforts to cure slavery within the vulture plains 

Of America 

Happy Black History month

Day 24 - Nat Turner.jpg
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Day 23 - Gordon Parks

Day 23 - Gordon Parks .jpg

Gordon Parks 

Master of the photo arts

Lived in the Minnesota parts, over sharp

Took pictures of Joe Louis devoted heart 

American gothic recreated with stoic spark 

Shot the airmen of Tuskegee, with a lethal style

Vogue hired em to photograph evening gowns

Even though segregation didn't want people brown

To be around, his stuff was too good to leave him out

Worked for life magazine capturing many peers 

A multitude of time capsules for 20 years 

He wrote about 6 books, that were godly good

The first black major director in Hollywood

First learning tree, then shaft

He started blaxploitation, he blessed jazz

Piano player and composer of orchestra strings

Created a ballet in 89 for martin king

Oil painter he did all things he could do 

Living history for capturing black people's view

A living dream come true

Happy Black History month


Day 22 - The Harlem Renaissance

About 2 miles from the bottom of the Bronx

In the 1920’s was the Harlem renaissance 

They had literature, fashion, theater, debutantes 

Music & dance, plus African centered art

The new negro movement was a safe vibration

Built from Jim Crow and the great migration

Groups settling, in new york, true excellence 

Music ran by Duke Ellington, cool melanin 

Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes penning and 

Having our views evident, tryna remove prejudice 

Jazz & big band were grand exuded elegance

Fashion had us in clean places smooth etiquette

Cloche hats, Josephine Baker, was too delicate

coat racks, had pristine flavor, renewed decadence 

Chesterfield jackets, zoot suits, was prevalent 

Religion took form from old and new testaments 

Pan-Africanism, black pride articulated 

They created a cosmopolitan of sophistication

New identity in the social conscious 

Expanding the outlook for us was so symbolic 

Know ya knowledge our ancestors was dope 

Happy Black History Month, accept the growth

Day 22 - The Harlem Renaissance.png
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Day 21 - Malcolm X

Day 21 - Malcolm X.jpg

Detroit Red, my name was Detroit Red

John Membry said little that names coined dead

Quit smoking, refused pork, consumed thoughts

Left prison went to Chicago and then new york 

X was my new name 

Honorable Elijah Muhammed gave me a few thangs

Nation of Islam had to start me a few chains 

Boston & Philly but Harlem was where I grew fame 

Met betty and I knew she would become my true flame

Proposed on the phone she said yes… hooray

Flew home quickly, we got married in 2 days 

Our first daughter Atallah's born, its a new day

Backtrack Hinton Johnson, weary victim 

A witness had alerted me cops severely whipped em

Showed up to the station with hundreds of strong gentlemen

Beat em so bad he suffered subdural hemorrhaging

Got em treated, tried to bail em out they said no

Left the station, hand movement like I said go

4,000 left in silence as we came 

Now the police knew about me and my name



Day 20 - Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa

Financially vast black man African ruler

Gold traveled in packs he was an actual commuter  

Ruler of Gambia, active passionate jeweler

Hajj practicing spoke in Arabic as he maneuvered

According to manuscripts before tablet computers 

He explored the atlantic then power was transferring to him 

Crowned as Mansa, philanthropist lavish consumer

He handed out packages to straggling viewers 

Captured pursuers 

Built a palace that was grandiose and advance for the future 

14th century graduate with accolades through the


Proof he was dazzling with his handling of rumors

King of Mali and his staff was practically super 

Half of em newer, coulda been rich handsomely sooner 

History factually has em as the richest man passively too huh

Yes they do

The wealthiest man ever and every academic faculty proved it 

That is the truest 

Tell Jeff Bezos we ruled the amazon before he actually knew it

Happy Black History Month

Mansa Musa.jpg
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Day 19 - Thriller

Day 19 - Thriller .jpg

Whats off the wall?

Is quincy jones and MJ back to recording songs 

Rolling stone aint want em on the cover at all

Fire fueled 

Created 30 songs but 9 were used 

Its time to move

To a higher view

7 of em were top 10’s 

Disco was dying he refused to be boxed in

Thriller had Vincent Price doing a tune for em 

Motown 25 debuted moonwalking 

MTV was racially profiling 

Jackson made movies outta videos show stopping 

32 million records sold by 84 

Won 8 grammys met the president on a tour 

Billie jean, beat it, girl is mine with paul mccart 

Pop icon musical Phenomenon 

Regarded as the best album made by music critics 

Mike was a zombie in thriller thats superstitious 

People started fainting just from seeing em on a stage

Kids emulated all his moves, he garnered praise 

White socks, white glove glittery on his hand 

Sold 70 million worldwide he was the man

And still is…

Day 18 - Garrett Morgan





Born in 


Dropped outta 


To help with 

The money 

Fixed Sewing machines



some things 

That helped with

the magic

3 light signal

to help with the traffic 

In 1923

He got him

 a patent 

Red light

Green light

1, 2


Red light,

 you can’t 

Run through 




Slow ya


Green light

You can

Go through 








He made up


Of those


A gas mask when you get exposed

To gases 

and fire

That makes up 

the smoke 

He posed 

As the sidekick

In roles

And hired 

Some whites 

To front like 

They owned 

The patents

And his stuff sold

The Fastest 

Discriminated on


RIP Garrett

Cant Thank you 






Day 18 - Garrett Morgan.jpg
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Day 17 - Karl Kani

BHM with Factz (3).jpg

Brooklyn designer from Costa Rica 

Made great looking attire for culture speakers 

Crafted, everlasting, better fashion

Went to clubs in his fabric, men were asking 

Can he replicate, what he demonstrate 

So he took orders from his car, made em elevate 

American dream 

Can I do it?

Can I build an empire?

Can I prove it? 

Can I be the ralph lauren of the rap movement? 

Can I, Can I, Can I 

His name was Carl, now the brands an ally

To hip hop 


Karl Kani

He manifested his name

By having a question proclaimed 

Now baggy denim had a lane 

Collaborated with the culture to give em fame 

Started a trend that was insane

Integrate rap with fashion was ingrained 

Pac was ambassador did a campaign  

biggie rapped bout it, as well as wu tang

Pioneer giving his people the flyest gear 

Black enterprise revered the company, by the year

96 they was the most successful black firm in the world with nothing but black people in the mix

What a grip

Happy Black History Month


Day 16 - Ali's Exile From Boxing

Cassius Clay passed away, Ali was born 

A man who prayed and laughed away at evil formed

They asked em hey, the drafts today for vietnam 

At their dismay, what he had to flatly say, was i aint even going

He was fined 10,000 and arrested

All them white men was wilden, he protested 

 Then boxing exiled em, out the profession 

He prolly went to jail smiling, like this a blessing 

Fbi started plotting on his connections 

Surveillance and spying on him, to catch his messes

But the champion of justice according to Coretta

Was not phased at all at the recording or the pressure

Fortunately efforts

 from the black people showed they were supportive of his message 

Cordially respected

Historically affected 

Took his passport the authorities showed immaturity, they reckless

Now his priorities domestic 

Spoke at colleges 

Funny how He’s praised now

But in the 70’s media was mocking em 

Black people still believed in em, we were proud of em

1971 they overturned the conviction 

Came back to boxing as the goat, what a depiction

Day 16 - Ali's Exile From Boxing.jpg
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 15 -Eartha Kitt

Day 15 - Eartha Kitt.jpg

The most exciting woman in the world 

Neck full of pearls, heart full of gold, yes its the best of the girls 

Born outta rape, father white, all outta place 

Carolina, north was the state, Harlem's the place

That she moved to, spoke 4 languages and sang in 11

Santa Baby made her a legend, changed the perception 

Of black queens that can act in a packed scene 

That people watched on their fat screen 

Rebel with a cause 

was a group of kids tryna clean up what the ghetto couldn't solve

She was heavily involved 

Got funding, had a non-profit out in Watts 

Tryna help boys and girls that was starving on the blocks 


Catwoman was a black woman


That footage had every man looking


She made the First Lady cry 

'Cause she told the truth about Vietnam at the time

Sending kids to a war to be shot then die

CIA had a dossier plot to provide 

Tried to kill her career 

Went to Asia and London

Came back here 

To more fame triumphant

Broadway pillar that the world admits

Name flip in her will, she left the earth a kit

To follow

Happy Black History Month


Day 14 - Bass Reeves

Born slave 

brought to the civil war, at his 24th age

Beat his slave master bad over a card game

Fled to the Cherokee's, learned their stark ways

Dark days

James Fagan was a marshall

Appointed Bass Reeves as a deputy, what a marvel

Stopping all Gestapo’s 

Petty squabbles 

The original lone ranger with heavy hollows 

That's right, the lone ranger was made off of him

And of course due to race, they aint pay off his kin

Trained marksmen with rifles and revolvers 

Famous wild wild west man collected robbers

3,000  captured he wore protective armor

Impressive detective and respected father 

His son killed his own wife, had em arrested proper

Brung his own blood to justice off of reckless karma

Very ruthless

Killed 14 outlaws in different shootings 

Belt and hat shot off but never wounded 

Arkansas legend moving, texas proven 

Veteran doing

His job

200 other deputies worked, none as hard 

as Bass Reeves

Happy Black History Month

BHM with Factz (9).png
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 13 - L A Riots (Rodney King) 

Day 13 - L A Riots (Rodney King)

Can't we all just get along

Famous words said by Rodney King he was strong

Jumped on camera for the world to see, what a scar

But now black men words are free from the bars

They told us we were lying bout police… and their force

Now they see a black man getting beat… in his skull

So its no justice no peace… forget the law

We gotta take our anger to the streets… burn it all

4 cops acquitted and released… what a fraud

12 Jurors said not guilty… and set it off

None of them black, obviously… thats for sure 

Death toll reached 63… for the morgue 

We looted our hood angrily, 1 billion lost 

Daryl Gates, the police chief, was a dog 

16 years of causing beef with his charge 

Of targeting blacks… so unique… here’s a thought

Don't flood communities with the means to be a boss

Then try to arrest us for the things you gave to score

Sad day in black history… what a loss

RIP to those lost

Thank you


Day 12 - Ben Carson Twins

Ben Carson was a Detroit kid 

With a temper, that was poison

Graduated from John Hopkins 

As a neurosurgeon, he’s appointed 

As director so he’s hoisted 

In the air for epilepsy and disorders

Plus craniosynostosis 

But what made him really boisterous

he separated conjoined twins 


So joyous 

Black man did the surgery 

Cat scans were an urgency 

That plan with diversity

Had em fast-tracked universally

First of his kind 

Plus he did it like 4 other times 

Now the children who growing up might 

Look at what he did to know that the grind 

To be a surgeon in a moment of time 

Can happen if you really focus your mind 

Black surgeon who totally shined 

Removing tumors that were over a spine 

Lotta miracles, open your eyes 

Set a blueprint for other guys 

And women who wanted to try 

He eventually quit as a doctor 

Wrote literature ill as proctor 

Then eventually ran for president 

Black history shout to this gentleman

Thank you

Day 12 - Ben Carson Twins.png
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 11 - Vanessa Williams

Day 11 - Vanessa Williams .png

It seems being black is a felony for race 

I'm about to break down for you jealousy and hate

Vanessa Williams, we know her as a singer and an actress 

But in 1983 she was in competing in a pageant 

she was crowned, yes Miss America was black 

The very first one so incredible in fact 

When she went on press tours, it was heavy to attract 

All her people so emotional to tell her what she meant, they were attached

But everybody didn't share the sentiment 

Beauty in America should not have melanin

She got death threats just from being crowned winner 

Hate mail telling her she’s just a brown nigger 


She had to resign cause of nudes 

That she took before the pageant, in her eyes it was rude

And it was, violated due to being gorgeous 

Defeating countless counterparts proved to be distorted

Ooh these people lawless

Penthouse magazine had her nudity exalted 

She fled to obscurity then movies started calling 

Became a famous singer now her beauty isn't haunted

It truly is supported 

Happy Black History Month


Day 10 - Inventions

3 years after 1884

Alex Miles made automatic elevator doors

People rode lifts to get to their designated floor

Sometimes they’d forget and have a devastating fall 

So while the operator or the passenger in motion 

Whoever rode it had to sadly manually close it  

And So many accidents approaching 
Alexander noticed 

He created then patented components

On the shaft that was open, 

he improved on the mechanism used, with a flexible belt that was attached to the motor 

Of the elevator cage 

and he had drums positioned to indicate the raise

He invented what was made 

cause his daughter almost fell trying to step into the space

Coincidentally her name was Grace

Now OutKast has a reason to celebrate

with me and you

Alexander Miles was also a barber

So not only did he raise you up, he cut your hair sharper

Inducted in the hall of fame in 2007

He took an elevator ride to heaven

Happy Black History Month

Day 10 - Inventions.png
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 9 - Assata Shakur

Day 9 - Assata Shakur.png

Member of the Black Panther Party

Coordinated clinics and community outreach

Then joined the Black Liberations killing drug dealers

Planting bombs, Holding up banks of the government 

Assata was alleged in the murder of a cop 

She got pulled over in new jersey for a stop 

A gunfight started, now what worries me a lot 

Are the details of the shooting, they were burying the plot

Anyway, she got arrested and sentenced, shown like a villian 

Vulnerable living, mistreated while thrown in the system

Getting beat, no privacy, totally wicked

But whats dope about this is, she broke outta prison

And whoaaaaa did that make the troopers mad

First black woman on the fbi list, super trash 

As much as we been oppressed, their anger was super sad 

Then they had a stupid spazz when she saluted the cuban flag

Bounty went to 2 million, they was spending commuters cash

On something their ancestors did regularly to our past

Still alive and free, coolest of black spirits 

The embodiment of truth in my beautiful rap lyrics

Happy Black History Month


Day 8 - Tuskegee Airmen

Being fly’s a pastime that we like to claim 

But imagine being fly in a fighter plane 

The Tuskegee airmen were a pilot gang 

That had a motto that was coined a spit fire phrase

i proclaim, countries fled when the squadron came

Deploying overseas to italy bombing thangs 

Common slang were the red tails, why the name?

They painted rudders and propellers to define the change 

Since they segregated might as well show pride and praise 

To the fellow soldiers who were black inside the cage

Across america, they hated on the right to aim 

Firearms in the army if you werent a lighter shade

Higher grade of intellect let these flyers train 

Glad they did it or america’s inside the grave 

Air medals, purple hearts, silver stars all of them wore it just like a chain

Escape death narrow as a biker lane

Combat missions destroying trucks, boats, rider trains

Even saving people with racial inspired rage 

To every soldier back then, thanks for the grind you paved 

It took 60 years for George Bush to let you acquire fame

The states that are united’s lame

Happy Black History Month

BHM with Factz (7).png
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 7 - BET

Day 7 - BET.png

Black Entertainment Television, what a concept 

When TV stations had nothing but Johnny Carson 

And Dolly Parton… a man named Robert Johnson 

Had dreams to make Hollywood shuffle like Robert Townsend 

He had 15,000 dollars, for the growth

They only had music videos to promote

Sitcom reruns while MTV was a joke 

That station ran limited vids for colored folk

Then in 88, BET news with Ed Gordon 

Can't forget Donny Simpson his essence was real important

Video soul, gave us a presence when they ignored us

They was the first controlled black television company on the market 

Now put stock in that 

Teen summit was popping for a lot a cats

Rap City, Joe Clair, Big Lez, I was watching that 

What about Comic View, they promoted lots of acts

Did a joint venture was Starz, please believe me

It was like Ebony magazine inside my TV

Black-owned until 2001, despite your feelings 

Of what it turned to… you can't deny it inspired millions 

Happy Black History Month

Day 6 - Aretha Franklin

Her name was Aretha

Came in the game as a singer 

Then she was labeled a Diva 

One of my favorite leaders 

She gave us Respect 

Natural Woman she sang it the best 

Activist putting her name on the set 

And there's actual footage, she stayed to protest 

Using her voice 

Singing and standing is truly a choice 

Amazing grace she was proving a point 

Born in Memphis but she moved to Detroit 

Ay Aretha you the dopest tho 

Thank you Jesus for her vocal tone

Many people didn't know it tho

She was the greatest singer outta Rolling Rtone 


With agendas that didn't use sexiness 

Got the credit and viewed by the president 

Medal of freedom congressional excellence

Hall of famer, performing bangers

Gospel artist for her Lord & savior 

Diabetic while recording flava 

Freeway of love check the alternator 

Of the Cadillac and its pink 

Can you imagine that, what yaaa think? 

Soundtrack for our civil rights 

Touched millions and she did it right 

Now she singing up in Heaven Light

We miss you

Day 6 - Aretha Franklin.png
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 5 - Tulsa

Day 5 - Tulsa.png

When people speak about Tulsa Oklahoma

They only bring up the massacre within the moment 

Everything before 1921, June 1st

Ima break down Black Wall Street and all its perks

Greenwood… a town that was built after slavery

8500 acres was granted and from that vacancy 

Black people did not settle for complacency 

Homes, schools, churches and a hospital 

hotels, pool hall, even movie houses too

Barber shops, jewelers couple restaurants for food

Doctors, dentists, Lawyers, sounds impossible 

The Dreamland theater was showing motion flicks

Bell & Little cafe food was so legit 

They had tailors if your clothing ripped

Buck Colbert was an attorney who operated out of an open tent 

JB Stratford had a hotel and when he opened it

It was the best space for blacks in America on a trip

They boasted new cars, new clothes, new bars, New homes 

I don't honor the massacre, I honor the true gold

Happy Black History Month

Day 4 - Motown

Day 4 - Motown.jpg


Mixing pop records with the soul sounnnnndddd

Berry Gordy brung the world Detroit styleeee

Let's dive into the profile

He met Smokey Robinson 

Put out records for the brown-skinned metropolitan 

Four tops, Marvin Gaye, Miracles and Marvelettes 

Jackson 5,  girl group with Diana Ross and them 

Blind piano player and singer he was fortunate 

110 top 10 hits, he had all of them

 Moved the company to LA to get more of em

Made a movie imprint, Berry was going corporate 

Passionate with the lens 

Black Classics

We got Last Dragon & then The Wiz

Billie Holiday biopic, factor that in

They had an acronym for producers to make the music

The KISS principle meant Keep It Simple Stupid

2648 West Grand Boulevard 

Thats the headquarters for when they were cooking songs

A black landmark in a city where people looked for jobs fixing under the hood of cars 

They found Michael Jackson, marketed Whats Going On

Soundtrack for every season

They the reason that the weekends were delegated to cleaning 

Every mother had the radio singing because we need it

In our hearts

Black History Month

Thank you

Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 3 - The Invincible Man by Ralph Ellison

Day 3 - The Invinsible Man by Ralph Ellison.jpg

Ralph Ellison
Wrote it in 5 years 
First African American to win the national book award

Nameless narrator

Seen as invisible  

Educated caretaker 

Of the dreams that he living through  

Ghostwritten by Ralph Ellison 

Proud gentleman 

With a low profile regimen 

But his style genuine 

Breaking down the melanin not seen by loud specimen

And 70 years later it’s now evident 

How prejudice was the 50’s when this was written

It took em 5 years for the fiction to be exquisite 

A no name 40 year old black man with a mission 

Reminiscing bout his life Having flashbacks and visions 

Bout how blacks progress by seeing whites as superior 

Create the mind as inferior inside his interior 


He travels and experiences jealousy and hurt

Which leads to him questioning his identity and worth

He’s overlooked and not seen 

The parallel is Ralph Ellison’s the first black person to win the national book award for fiction with a plot theme

Barriers broken, one of the greatest novels I'm happily quoting

Asking do we exist if the world doesn’t actually notice

Us and our blackness

Happy Black History Month


Day 2 - The Desegregation of the US Army

In 1948 they aint believe in us 

Then after world war 2 president truman needed us

Civil war, world war 1, straight deceiving us 

How we fight together abroad and at home mistreating us 

Issac Woodard 1946 was beat and cuffed 

In an army uniform, discharged complete disgust

Black soldiers fought, bleed for us, 

had families to leave for us 

Generals of the units wanted to keep us stuck 

Air force was the first to receive my black peoples trust 

Army still hating, touted and shrouded with evil lust

I seen enough

The marines was tough, grew to 17,000 increasing much

Then the army finally briefed with us, seen a flux 

Of black men who wanted to mean as much as the white man policing us

Saving the relative in a battalion where they creep in dust

And back home they cousin refusing to even eat with us 

Thank you to the patriots, not talking new england bruv

But that desegregation of the army wasnt seemless and yet it was convenient to those creating this theme for us

Day 2 - The Desegregation of the US Army.jpg
Black History With Factz (5).jpg

Day 1 - Chadwick Boseman 

Day 1 - Chadwick Boseman.jpg

Wakanda warrior 

Poetic somber orator 


seeing him play larger than life people was an honor for domestic brothers and harbored foreigners 


His name rings bells in Howard corridors 

Juxtaposed our favorite colored folks

Musicians and politicians, scripted to muster growth

Commissioned his love for depicting, visioning something dope

Theater trained, cultural hero framed, you hear his name

And share the praise, but felt right at home with zero fame

Playing icons in the living and leaving as one 

Tears shed for the history and achievements he brung

Taylor made love with Taylor, unbelievably numb 

My condolences to the philanthropic 

The blueprinted manuscript for his extravagance

We miss you…  

And wish you would lay in the space of resurrection like T’challa issue 

The proudest symbol

21 bridges need to be erected to create a path from heaven to our presence

Black History Month is starting with your essence

Rest in Peace